Simply Put Solutions, Inc. (SPS) is a self-certified veteran and minority-owned Information technology services company. We have been specializing in web-based software development for consumers and businesses since 2007. Our founders combined their project management and software development talents to create a solution that would answer questions about the world that no one else could. 

SPS' first product, The Died in House ™ Report became an overnight sensation as consumers and businesses discovered that by simply providing a valid U.S. address, searched millions of records to help them determine if a death had occurred at that location. Building on the same technology that makes Died in House™ so successful, SPS has continued to grow the business to include other products and services to help consumers and businesses make more informed decisions.

Read more about how we have enhanced the Died In House report to include other information to help you look before you leap into property investment decisions here.

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